Saturday, December 5, 2015

Federal Agents Easter and DiGiovanni Lauded in Heritage Trafficking Documentary

Click here to watch "The Real-Life Indiana Jones"

A new documentary lauds the hard work undertaken by Homeland Security's Senior Special Agent Brent Easter and retired Port of Newark Customs and Border Protection Officer Domenic DiGiovanni to uncover the Kapoor cultural heritage trafficking scheme.

The law enforcement officers are unsung heroes who have fought resolutely against transnational criminals who steal history and culture from abroad and then traffic their loot in the United States.

The pair have been singled out in the just released documentary titled "The Real-Life Indiana Jones," produced by ESPN's FifeThirtyEight Films.

Now we simply need specially designated federal prosecutors who will support these police investigations by indicting and convicting antiquities traffickers in U.S. courts of law.

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